Frozen water lines/meters

February 1, 2019

We have had increased calls about frozen lines and several meters frozen from the meter lid being removed or loosened by the customer.  Exposed meters and pipes are vulnerable to cold temperatures.  Water in meters and pipes can freeze and may cause bursts or splits.  Any pipes above ground may be vulnerable to the cold. To avoid pipes freezing, you can insulate your pipes. Various insulation options are available from local hardware stores.

Many water leaks are from dwellings that are not occupied or not occupied during the winter. Places where the customer has wanted to maintain water service and may not know they have a problem. When we have a large main line leak, it is obvious the area it is in and they usually are found in a short order. The thawing leaks are more wide spread and they do not point at one location or area.

We ask that if you know of these places owned by friends, neighbors, or relatives to please ask about them or do a walk around there places to see if water might be running. If there is something leaking sometimes just getting close enough to the structure or water meter you can hear water running. The statement “see something say something” also rings true for this situation but “hearing something” can also save someone a lot of money and helps to preserve water.

Be a good neighbor and let’s all look after each other if possible.