New Rates for 2020

New Water Rates for beginning January 1, 2020

The minimum monthly rate for residential meters for 0-1,000 gallons is $20.00.  Each additional 1,000 gallons will be $9.65.

For rates for larger meters, please call the Office.

Tap fees will increase to $2,380.00.

Disconnect Notices/Shut-Offs

Payments or payment arrangement must be made in the Le-Ax Office by 10:00 am on the due date to prevent disconnection of service. Additional charges will be applied if said payment or arrangements are not received.

A $20 fee will be applied to the account once the Blue Courtesy Tag is out for delivery. A service call fee of $45/75 will be applied to the account after 10:00 am on the date service disconnection is scheduled. Once the service is terminated, the service remains off until the bill and all service charges are paid. Service personnel may not accept payments.

In order to obtain reconnection on the same day that the bill is paid, payment must be made in the District Office by 2:00 pm.

If the meter is tampered with or the water is turned on by someone other than a Le-Ax employee, the charge will be $120 plus parts and labor.