Le-Ax StaffLe-Ax Water District derives its name from Lee and Alexander Townships in western Athens County. Le-Ax was formed in 1968 to provide safe drinking water to the Village of Albany and 250 families in the surrounding area.

After 20 years of steady growth, severe drought conditions in Southern Ohio prompted Le-Ax to begin the search for a new, more dependable water source.

In 1997, the water treatment facility located at Lake Snowden was closed and a new treatment facility was opened in the Poston Industrial Complex, located 2 miles west of The Plains. This change, coupled with an expansion into southern Hocking County began a period of rapid growth for the District.

Today, Le-Ax serves the Village of Albany, plus 7,100 customers in 17 townships in 4 counties. Click here for an overview of the service area. Please contact Le-Ax for specific information.

No matter what our size, our mission statement remains the same. Our goal is to improve the quality of life in our service area in southeastern Ohio. “Quality On Tap” is not just a phrase. It remains our commitment and our profession.

Le-Ax Personnel

Office Staff
John Simpson, General Manager
Travis Anderson, P.E., District Engineer
Christina Richey, Office Manager
Lisa Congrove, Office Clerk
Kaitlyn Brooks, Office Clerk

Filtration Plant Personnel
Robert Peck, Operator of Record
Bruce Hudnall, Plant Operator
Mike Riley, Plant Operator
Conner Payne, Plant Operator

Maintenance Personnel
Keith Gwinn, Distribution Foreman
Gary Carr, Equipment Operator
Mark Shields, Equipment Operator
Susie Camechis, Utility Locator
Floyd Adams, Maintenance
Taylor Bolin, Maintenance
Andrew Jeffers, Maintenance
Brock Shaner, Maintenance

Le-Ax Board of Directors
William Allen, President
Mark Holdcroft, Vice President
M. Scott Nisley, Secretary/Treasurer
John Yanity, Member
Zachary Hedrick, Member