Water Loss Abatement available for 2024

The Water Loss Abatement forms for 2024 are now available.

Sign-ups must be in the Office by December 15, 2023.

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The Le-Ax Water District Water Loss Abatement Policy allows customers in good standing (i.e., current on all bills and charges), who have enrolled and paid the annual fee, to receive credit on their water bills of up to $600.00 maximum per year, per customer, for water loss due to leaks which occur on their sides of the meter.

The Annual fee is $30.00 per account, is due in the Office by December 15, 2023. The Abatement Policy will be in effect for a water loss due to such a leak occurring during the January 2024 through December 2024 billing.

This policy applies only to the account holder (the name on the account) of a residential 5/8”-1” meter set.

New customers have the opportunity to sign up for the Policy at a pro-rated rate and coverage. New owner/tenants will be pro-rated to calculate the fee required and the maximum coverage. The fees are non-transferrable and no refunds will be generated upon finalizing an account.

Land owners may sign-up for the Abatement Policy for rental properties should the tenant decline coverage. The coverage would be for each water tap and would follow the same requirements and policies.

All costs for repairs remain the responsibility of the Owner/Account Holder.

The customer is required to notify the District Office when a water leak is discovered and when repairs are completed. This will insure that the correct time frame is being used to calculate the loss. Once Le-Ax verifies the occurrence, the customer is required to pay their “average” usage for that month, which is held in the computer based on the last twelve months. The balance of the bill would be credited, not exceeding the $600.00 yearly maximum. After the maximum amount is reached, the customer is responsible for any additional costs, or water leaks for the remainder of the year. Credits cannot be used to cover the cost of filling a pool, as this is not a leak. The District retains the right to require proof of repairs such as receipts.

You may sign up online by creating a Le-Ax Account (or logging into your existing account) by clicking on "Pay my Bill" on the main home page or by completing the document below and mailing in payment to 6000 Industrial Drive, Athens, OH 45701.