Le-AxThe District's source of drinking water is supplied by ground water that is pumped out of the ground by the District's municipal wells. Liquid substances such as automotive products, fuel oil, cleaning fluids, oil-based paints, pesticides and fertilizers are common ground water contaminants. These substances can enter the ground through improper disposal methods. Improper disposal methods include pouring chemicals on the ground, down a sink or toilet connected to a septic system, or down a storm drain.

Le-Ax is asking all businesses and residents located within the protection area to follow all regulations as required by state and federal laws, report any spills to appropriate officials and help prevent the improper disposal of any liquids that could contaminate the Le-Ax Water District's ground water

resources. Please click on the links below to see the best management practices recommended by the Ohio EPA.


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Click here to view a brochure with more information and a map showing the location of the District's protection area.

If you have any questions, please contact Robert Peck, Operator of Record, at 740-593-7502.