Le-Ax Water District is required by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA), under Section 3745-95 of the Ohio Administrative Code, to administer a Backflow Prevention Program. The purpose of this program is to protect the public water supply from potential cross contamination by preventing the flow of water from a customer's private piping back into the public water distribution system. Backflow prevention is primarily accomplished through the installation of a backflow prevention device.


Le-Ax Water District requires backflow devices on industrial and commercial water lines to protect the public water system. Reduced pressure zone, backflow assemblies are required on each water line entering an industrial or commercial building, and all commercial buildings and residential properties with in-ground irrigation systems. A double-check valve assembly is required on each fire line and each fire bypass line.

Backflow preventers are required by the OEPA, Ohio Administrative Code 3745-95, and the Ohio Plumbing Code, Chapter 608, to be installed where there is a potential health or contamination threat within the consumer's plumbing system.

Annual Test

The consumer is required to have an annual test by an Ohio certified tester to ensure the device is working properly. Le-Ax Water District provides a reminder letter 60 days before the previously certified test date. Results from annual test must be maintained by the consumer and a copy forwarded to Le-Ax Water District, 6000 Industrial Drive, Athens, OH 45701.

Failure to Comply

Le-Ax Water District maintains a list of accounts that are required to have a backflow prevention device, and a certified annual test of that device. Accounts that do not provide a copy of the annual certified test on or before the previous year’s test date, may result in the termination of service.

Reporting Suspected Cross-Connections

If you suspect that a cross connection exists at your residence or business, please contact John Simpson at Le-Ax Water District, either by phone at (740) 594-0123 or email at jsimp@le-ax.com.

Le-Ax Water District reserves the right to request additional on-site surveys.

For more information, please contact:

John Simpson
General Manager, Le-Ax Water District
Phone: (740) 594-0123
Fax: (740) 593-8294
Email: jsimp@le-ax.com

Backflow Prevention Resources

For your convenience, Le-Ax Water District maintains a list of backflow device testers certified by the State of Ohio. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list; you may select any tester as long as he or she has the appropriate state certification.

The following form shows the information your backflow device tester will send to the Ohio EPA each year.

Please see the following links to review the Ohio EPA's rules and guidelines for backflow prevention.